Resources List

Here’s a list of available resources in Victoria, Australia that you may find useful, and which we will continue to update. If you have any suggestions for services/links to add, please send them our way! (email:

Telephone support:

  • QLife: 1800 184 527
    • chat online:
    • provides nation-wide peer supported telephone and web-based services
    • (staffed by queer-identified people, online and phone chat from 3PM-12AM)
  • WIRE: 1300 134 130
    • Provides free info, support, referral info for women across Victoria.
    • Provides telephone support services, online Livechat, email support

Education and Resources Organizations:

  • Transgender Victoria:
    • Educates organizations and workplaces on how to provide better services for TGD people, raises awareness, committed to facilitating social change
  • Zoe Belle Gender Collective:
  • Drugwatch:
    • A free web health resource, partnered with the Health on the Net Foundation.
    • Have published a Health Guide for LGBTQ+ individuals that covers physical health, mental health, and more:


Support clinic:

*For a list of medical practitioners and specialists, the following site may be helpful:

Queer/Queer-led Support Services:

  • Thorne Harbour Health (previously Victorian Aids Council):
  • Parents of Gender Diverse Children:
  • Switchboard: 1800 184 527
    • Community-based org providing peer-based, volunteer run support services for LGBTQI people and their friends, families, and allies


  • GASP project (Geelong):